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Treadmill accessories

Best Price TreadmillsHaving some accessories for your treadmill can enhance your treadmill workout experience.  We list some available treadmill accessories below.
1. AccuRate Wireless Heart Rate Monitor: This convenient accessory provides fast, accurate pulse readings and transmits the data directly to your treadmill console. It continually monitors your heart rate, is easy to install and does not require any wires or batteries. A new improved design, hands-free chest accessory which is sensor operated.
2. Foam treadmill mat: Helps in preventing floor damage from the treadmill. It’s made of .25” thick, heavy-duty, closed cell foam and its pebble surface offers non-slip traction for the user and equipment.
3. Hill climber’s safety grips: These safety grips are installed easily on the treadmill side handle bars, without welding or drilling.
4. Treadmill walking belts: These belts are 18 inches wide, very smooth and soft, and offer a relaxing treadmill workout.
5. Safety keys: Treadmill safety keys are only manufactured for particular treadmills and replacement keys cannot be purchased from other suppliers.
6. Power supply Boards: Replacement power supply boards vary for the different models and suppliers.
7. Controller replacement part: These also vary per supplier and model.
8. Incline motor and assembly parts: Availability of these depends on different kinds of treadmills and different types of motor power and HP.
9. Complete console parts: These console parts also depends upon different kinds of models.

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